Reflection 5/2

What has been your favorite project in this course, and why?

So far, my favorite project is this digital publication one. I have a new love for interactivity and mobile design. However, I also really enjoyed the sculpture book project because it was a big push to make an entire book early in the semester. It was like we jumped into a big challenge early on in the semester and that made me learn a lot about publication design quickly.

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Process 4/30

Slowly but surely getting the interactive elements working.


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Reflection 4/30

What visual and/or verbal cues are you using to prompt usability of and engagement with the interactive feature(s) in your publication?

As of now, I have arrows for images that pan and for the slide shows. However, now seeing them on the actual iPad, they appear very small and light. I think I need to make them more obvious and clear.

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Got a few of the overlay creator features working!


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Reflection 4/23

What magazine article, essay, or short story have you chosen for your digital publication?
Why have you chosen this text to design for this medium?

I have chosen to use a couple of blog entries I wrote when I was studying abroad. I thought of them because of all the photos, videos and links I included when I published them at the time. There’s a lot of things I could even add now.

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Concept Narrative

Our law report was about transit-oriented development. It was about high density living and its benefits. With this in mind, Nicole and I designed the report with minimal white space. We noticed a lot of the other groups used great white space, which I usually love, but it made sense for us not to. We also used a graphic with faded lines similar to a blueprint to relate to the development part of the content. Because it was a very literal reference, we only used it for the beginning of a new section and the cover. We had three main sections which we used three different colors to separate. The colors were used to highlight callouts, bullet points and some type. Green was used as a constant color for everything else. We used a two column layout to get a more vertical feel which also related to the content (building upwards).

Our project was a really good learning experience. It was a lot of work and a lot of collaboration but it went very well. We were lucky in that our law team were very involved with the whole process. It would gone much smoother had the content we were working with been finalized before starting the project, but obviously there’s nothing we could have done about that for this project. Working with the client so closely made it so that I was never unsure of which images or call outs went where. Every person involved was happy with the report and got what they wanted.

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Digital Publishing reading

This blog gives a good general intro description of how to start out a digital publication. Some people say that the design should be portrait only because magazines are all in a portrait sizes. However, people who would use tablets are very custom to landscape websites and television. So there isn’t a wrong way to set up the design, but having both orientations makes the user use what they prefer. To have both orientations, each one should have its own design. Having one just rotate won’t make it a successful layout. Things will need to be rearranged.

In terms of swiping, it’s usually vertical swiping for pages, horizontal for articles. The other way around has been done and it also works. Visual indicators for end of articles and starts of a new one is a good idea.

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Reflection 4/18

What did you gain or learn from this collaboration with your team and with the law class? What went well, and what could be improved upon in a similar venture another time around?

This project was a lot of work, but it was a really good learning experience. It was a nice refresher of working with actual clients. My team was very lucky that our law partners worked very close with us so everyone could be happy with the outcome. I know there wasn’t anything we could really do about it, but working on the project when the law team was still working on the content made for a bit extra work. I felt like I put more time into editing content than working on the design aspects of it. However, making those changes WITH our law team made for us knowing exactly what images and graphics went together so I feel like there is minimal mistakes and confusion in our report.

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Reflection 4/16

What details do you want to share about your design concept and approach in your team’s presentation to the law class today?

In the process, we made a lot of changes to color choices. In the end, we chose a bigger pallet that had colors we used to break down the report into sections. I think it really helped with the hierarchy and flow of the whole report. We worked pretty closely with our law team, so we were able to break up long sections of text with matching graphics and photos, so we’re pretty satisfied with the flow and sequence of the report. ALso, we went back to the design styles of the literal blue prints look and feel. Our law team wound up really liking those graphics.

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TOD report



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