Reading Response 1/23



Margins: space between arrangement’s edges and the type and content’s edge, they set a visual comfort zone


Flowlines: horizontal lines that help the eye’s flow while looking at the content


Spactial Zones: designated areas to contain specific information


Markers: placement for [most often] smaller, secondary text that appears consistently


Columns: vertical sections of text, can be same or different widths


Modules: repeated units that create columns and rows




Manuscript Grid: formed by a rectangle that utilizes most of the space on the page, most simple, for long text such as novels


Column Grid: formed with separated vertical areas of text, used to differentiate type of information


Modular Grid: used for more complex projects, a grid made up by modules, utilizing both vertical and horizontal alignments


Hierarchical Grid: a customizable grid, forms to what the content demands, see often in webpages, uses unbalanced segments




Linguistic Deconstruction: adjusting the grid for verbal cues in the content, giving a voice to the text, as if were read out loud on the paper


Spontaneous Optical Composition: organization of content based on the visual elements, uses purposeful intuition of material placement


Conceptual or Pictorial Allusion: composition arranged by personal, arbitrary choice, less traditional, could be arranged as a whole to represent a pictorial image


Chance Operation: an unpredictable tactic for a compositional, come-as-it-will approach, opportunity to draw attention to something that might have been overlooked

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