Reflection 1/23

Describe your assigned chapter of How to Live on 24 Hours a Day.
What are the main ideas? What is the tone of voice? What does it make you think about?

Chapter 6 of the book was titled Remember Human Nature. I loved the title itself. The overall tone of this chapter [and the whole book] is try honest. It’s not candy coated, but truthful and concise. This title discusses the idea of a six day week, rather than a seven day week. He says there is a possible expansion of seven and half hours each individual should have. Arnold Bennett suggests setting a “programme” or rather a plan of what to do with time, but also allow for a non-planned time. He wants us to do SOMETHING. Something to better our lives. Something enriching. Remembering human nature means not sticking to that agenda but still utilizing that time, it is part  of a life.

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