Concept Narrative – Project 1

My chapter discussed the idea of changing one’s view of the actual “week.”  Bennett makes the idea seem very simple, but still comes across a little haughty. There are many variations in his tone. I wanted to show emphasis on those certain words and phrases. Overall, I wanted whole design to be simple to read and have voice similar to his.

I decided to use Gotham because it has several weights to play with. After our reading, I wanted to try out the hanging indent to start paragraphs. At first I was thinking of adding illustrations so I began sketches of my idea of changing the week. The result was right angles that boxed out days, which mimicked the reverse hanging indent I was using. I started to repeat the same angle using text and lines throughout the pages. I also really played up some of the words and phrases I thought should stand out the most. I used a heavy weight and all caps and broke up the text

So far, publishing design is very interesting. It’s a lot more detail oriented than I predicted, but there’s also a lot of room to have fun with the content. It’s almost similar to coding for web design because there’s so much tweaking once the larger decisions have been made. Overall, I was pleased with my process and final result for this project. Once I decided on the direction I wanted to take, I didn’t run into too many major issues while developing the design.

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