Reading Response 2/13

  • Discuss the four levels of composition outlined by Smith, and comment on how you will take these ideas into consideration in the design of your exhibition catalog.

page – just a fraction of the whole picture, the book is dominant of all the pages,

two-page spread – an element of display, two facing pages have compositional potential of the individual page, has less limits

unit of structure – series or sequence, composed by movement,

book – all the elements working together

The line about the book is always dominant is sticking in my head from this reading. I’ll keep that in mind. Also, the idea of the two page spread having less limits will be interesting for me to remember for our next project. I mostly concentrated on the single page composition.

  • What are flowlines, and how can they be used?
horizontal alignment that guides the eyes across the information, gives breaks to the content
  • How might one approach image-based grid development?
noticing the variation in all the photos and keeping in mind the amount of text, deciding on a more vertical or horizontal use of the grid, the amount of images on a page
  • When is it necessary to violate the grid, and what might one consider in doing so?

if the content requires the grid to break, veering away from the grid should only happen if it’s really necessary and it shouldn’t happen frequently or close together

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