Concept Narrative – Service Learning Project

For this project, I wanted to make a design that made a lot of copy an easier read and to make it look not childish, since my partner’s organization does a lot of work with children, but also with corporations. I used a simple shape that is repeated throughout defining subjects and headings. I formed it from looking at the shape of the Character Counts logo. I used the three colors that were defined by the organization’s manual. They make it really bright and were easy to make variations for the infographic-like pieces I made. I picked out information with lots of numbers to add the graphics to.

I was given the job to put a lot of text into 8 or 12 pages so it could be printed like a book. I created a 5 column grid and used the right 4 columns for all the text. This let me really fill the pages with the text since there were a lot of paragraphs. Also, I used the first left column to place headlines and subheads. I had to make both a color and grayscale version, one for web and one that would be printed. So, for the grayscale I played with values of black for the inforgraphic-like pieces.

I learned a lot from this process. It was interesting having parameters with colors, typefaces and page numbers. I found my self wanting to change a lot but knowing I couldn’t change things probably saved me a lot of time. I had a small issue with the content and having to edit it myself, which I don’t think would really happen too often in the “real world” but it didn’t turn out to be a huge problem. There were other things my partner originally wanted to include, but with the page limit the content was obviously the first thing to fit nicely and add in bonuses later. Working with a client in general is still something I’m getting used to, but Amy was very pleasant to work with.

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