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Publication Design:

This blog post is about connecting the fundamentals of publication design into web design. Both publication and web design include pages built off a template (or grid) that allows for both consistency and a variation of design. Similar to websites, publication breaks content up into smaller, absorbable chunks. The design of both should enhance the content, so actually reading it is important. I found this interesting because I am currently working on my website. This article was a nice reminder of that connection because I unfortunately have not been keeping those things fresh in my mind while building my site so far.


Information Design:

Structure: Hierarchy
Visocky O’Grady, Jenn + Ken  The Information Design Handbook. 2008. 105-107

This reading described the mind process of a reader. They understand the information in 2 ways. The first is a quick overview in which the reader is just getting the general point of the content.  The second is a detailed comprehension in which they really absorb the content. The first process usually lasts just a moment. The reader looks for focal point that is mean to draw attention first. It could be something that utilizes color, contrast, position, etc. Hierarchy is so important in reading a lot of information, it is what prevents an overload. As a designer, it’s necessary to understand and know the content as well.

This is easily related to my group’s current project because we are dealing with a complex topic. The meeting we had with our law team was extremely helpful. I don’t think we would be able to design a successful report with out knowing what the content was about in this case. Also, the report is broken down into sections that are broken down into sections. We’re not quite there yet on understanding these details fully, but we’re meeting soon to figure it out. I think hierarchy is going to be extremely important in our design.

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