Concept Narrative

Our law report was about transit-oriented development. It was about high density living and its benefits. With this in mind, Nicole and I designed the report with minimal white space. We noticed a lot of the other groups used great white space, which I usually love, but it made sense for us not to. We also used a graphic with faded lines similar to a blueprint to relate to the development part of the content. Because it was a very literal reference, we only used it for the beginning of a new section and the cover. We had three main sections which we used three different colors to separate. The colors were used to highlight callouts, bullet points and some type. Green was used as a constant color for everything else. We used a two column layout to get a more vertical feel which also related to the content (building upwards).

Our project was a really good learning experience. It was a lot of work and a lot of collaboration but it went very well. We were lucky in that our law team were very involved with the whole process. It would gone much smoother had the content we were working with been finalized before starting the project, but obviously there’s nothing we could have done about that for this project. Working with the client so closely made it so that I was never unsure of which images or call outs went where. Every person involved was happy with the report and got what they wanted.

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