Reflection 3/13

What feedback do you need (from faculty, peer, community partner, collaborator, or otherwise) in order to move forward with this project?

For my project, I need a lot of feedback from my community partner. Such as, how important are photos? I need to know what Amy wants cut from the text, what numbers/other info is important to play up with different visual representation, and the final ruling on color for print versus web. Also I need to make sure this is being printed on tabloids or single letter size pages.

I need some feedback from peers about the overall design. At my meeting with Amy she said they’d really like something that looked more big corporation looking because most of their materials in the past look “kiddie.” I think I kept that too in my mind and didn’t design all the ways I could in fear of it looking childish.

Then from Hilary, I have some things I’m unsure of how to set up in InDesign. I’m having trouble with my alignment on my bulleted lists.

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